Satgear VAST DIY Multi Room Satellite Kit

Satgear VAST DIY Multi Room Satellite Kit

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Product Description

VAST is the governments free-to-air regional and blackspot satellite television system giving users throughout Australia access to digital television where they would normally not be able to receive a terrestrial signal. The picture quality is comparable to that in the big cities and very easy to setup and use.

The Satgear VAST DIY Multi Room Satellite Kit is an easy to assemble, do it yourself Home VAST Satellite system.

Our Multi Room Kit includes all the components needed to setup a home VAST satellite system on two televisions in your home. Perfect for those in outback areas or regional areas where there is no terrestrial television services. Also great in designated blackspot areas where terrestrial TV reception can be a bit scratchy.

The kit includes the choice of two dishes:

OPTION 1: 85cm Azure Offset Ku Dish

OPTION 2 : 65cm Azure Offset Ku Dish

The Kit also includes the choice of two mounts for the dish:

OPTION 1: Metal/Tiled Roof Flexi Mount

OPTION 2: Ezy Gutter Mount

The Kit also includes the choice of two types of wall socket mounting:

OPTION 1: Wall Plate Mounting Block 38mm

OPTION 2: Plaster C Clip Bracket

The package is very easy to setup and align and we are available by phone to assist you if you need us.

The kit includes:

- 2 x UEC  DSD4921 Satellite Decoder Set Top Box - Includes Smartcard as standard. Composite Audio/Video Cables Included. 
- 2 x HDMI cable 2 Metres 
- 1 x 80cm KU Band Satellite Dish or 65cm Ku Dish 
- 1 x 10.7GHz Dual LNB. 
- 1 x Choice of dish mount - either a tiled/metal roof  flex mount or Ezy gutter mount 
- 1 x SF500 Programmable Satellite Finder
- 2 x 15 metre RG6 Quad Core Coax Cable with Quality Compression F Type Connectors.   
- 2 x 2 metre Coax Cable with F connectors (For connection of your set top box to the wall outlet) 
- 2 x Single wall plate with F-type to F-type insert. 
- 2 x Choice of Wall plate mounting block or plaster wall bracket.
- 1 x Compass 
- 1 x Instructions

Please also note that as VAST is designed for regional and blackspot areas and your address may not be eligible to receive services from the VAST satellite if you are able to receive terrestrial services. Please check website to ensure your area is eligible for VAST satellite services before purchasing this product.