Satgear 80cm "Everywhere" Caravan Satellite Kit

Satgear 80cm "Everywhere" Caravan Satellite Kit

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  • Satgear's best selling "Essentials" VAST satellite kit is ideal for caravans and mobile homes. It contains everything you need to "...just watch TV" when on the go, no matter how remote your location. This package should provide full Australia wide coverage of the VAST network, provided a clear obstacle free view to the satellite is available
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The Satgear "Everywhere" 80cm Caravan Satellite Kit is designed for those who want the performance of a larger 80cm satellite dish, but it is still compact enough to carry in your caravan or RV. 

This kit is great for those that spend a lot of time in more outback areas of WA and the NT where the satellite signal is not as strong as in other areas of the country.

Our 65cm dishes will work well throughout Australia, but the slightly larger size will ensure better performance in those more fringe areas, especially where rain or heavy cloud is an issue.

The kit includes the popular 80cm Azure Shine satellite dish complete with removable LNB arm for easy storage of the dish.

The LNB arm supports a compact but highly reliable and top quality 10.7GHz LNB and 2 metre cable to allow attachment of your satellite finder while aligning your dish. The LNB's used on a Satgear satellite kits give you full access to all channels on the VAST platform throughout Australia.

The Satgear 80cm satellite kit comes complete with a sturdy tripod for mounting your dish. It has a built in spirit level to assist in leveling your dish on uneven ground. It can be pegged down prior to aligning your dish to avoid knocking it out of alignment.


The kit includes the choice of two satellite decoders & the UEC 22 in LCD TV with built in VAST decoder.

OPTION 1:  UEC 4121 VAST decoder

OPTION 2: UEC 4921 Dual tuner VAST decoder .

OPTION 3: UEC 22 inch LCD 12 volt DC, 240 volt AC, Television with built in VAST Decoder.

Both decoders can be powered from an optional 12V DC cable or the 240V power pack (supplied as standard). No power hungry inverters are required when using this on 12v with the optional cable. 

The UEC 22 inch LCD TV also has the ability to be connected to a 12 volts DC supply or 240V power pack (supplied as standard). 


The kits also includes the choice of three satellite finders:

  • OPTION 1: SF9505A LCD display analogue satellite finder -  The cheaper solution, suitable for  with experience in setting up satellite equipment.  Like most analogue satellite finders, it will beep on receiving a signal from any satellite, not necessarily the one you want.

There are no needles to break off and this meter has a blue back lit display making it easy to read in bright sunlight. 

If you are new to satellite set ups, we strongly recommend a programmable satellite finder.  There are two options:

  • OPTION 2: WS6933 Programmable Satellite Finder (Rechargeable)
  • OPTION  3: SF3500 Pre- Programmed VAST Satellite Finder (Rechargeable)

    These make it a breeze to find the VAST satellite as the meter is programmed to only beep and align to the Optus C1/D3 satellites where VAST and Foxtel are located.

     Satgear supply quality components including all cables made on premises by us and using top quality compression type F type connectors and Quad Shield Cable.


    TIP: If comparing dishes, be sure to check the full measurements.

    Some suppliers sell a similar dish and advertise it as 85cm - that is, they only give the vertical measurement. If you are comparing our product with that of our competitors, ask them what the horizontal dish measurement is or take a tape measure and check for yourself. A true 85cm dish is 85cm horizontally not vertically. 

    TIP: Ensure the satellite dish is placed with a clear view of satellite.

    This package should provide full Australia wide coverage of the VAST network, provided a clear obstacle free view to the satellite is available. Please remember that overhanging trees and other obstructions can affect the quality of reception from the satellites, so please always try to place your dish in an area with a clear view to the satellite.

    Specifications subject to change from product description.


    Our Satgear "Everywhere" VAST Caravan Satellite TV Package includes: 

    • Choice of two Satellite Decoders or LCD 22 inch VAST TV.
    1. Option 1: UEC 4921 Dual tuner VAST Decoder  OR
    2. Option 2: UEC 4121 Decoder 12/240 Volt PVR Ready, Satellite Decoder Set Top Box - Includes Smartcard and composite video/audio cable as standard.
    3.  Option 3: UEC 22 inch 12/240 Volt LCD TV with inbuilt VAST decoder.
    • Choice of three Satellite Finders
    1. Option 1: SF9505A Basic Satellite Finder
    2. Option 2: WS6933 Programmable Satellite Finder (Rechargeable)
    3. Option 3: SF3500 Pre- Programmed VAST Satellite Finder (Rechargeable)

    The kits also includes:

    • 80cm Azure Dish
    • SignalMax  Collapsible Tripod Mount
    • 10700 LNB Single
    • 15m RG6Q  F to F Lead.Custom Made
    • 2m RG6Q  F to F Lead. Custom Made
    • Map Compass
    • F to F joiners 
    • Instructions