Humax HDR-1003S VAST Twin Tuner Decoder

Humax HDR-1003S VAST Twin Tuner Decoder

  • Manufactured by:Humax
  • Category: Caravan Solutions, Home Satellite Solutions, Satellite Decoders
  • Weight : 3000 grams
  • dimensions : 420x320x110
  • Humax satellite and terrestrial television decoder - also available with built in 1 TB and 500 GB hard disk drive.
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$315.00 inc GST

Humax satellite and terrestrial television decoders have been renowned for their high design and build quality as well as superior performance and specifications. The HDR-1003S is no exception and it will impress from the minute you take it out of the box and set it up.

It has a brushed aluminum front panel that hides the vacuum fluorescent display which becomes visible when you switch on the unit. Just on looks alone, it will set off any home entertainment setup.

The Humax 1003S VAST Twin Tuner Decoder comes has three options.   You can purchase the unit with or without a built in harddrive.  The harddrives are available in two sizes, 1 TB and 500 Gb.  

  • Option 1: This version is without the hard drive but can be upgraded at a late stage. It will allow you to use the decoder as a fully operational single tuner decoder but without the recording feature. Add your own 2.5” SATA drive when you want to upgrade. Part No. SATHDR1003S
  • Option 2: All the features of above plus the added advantage of recording hours of programs to watch later. It also gives you a dual recording ability at the same time, that’s right, record two different channels at the same time. Part No. SATHDR1003S500G
  • Option 3:

    For a few dollars, more this model has the added advantage of a 1Tb hard drive, doubling the recording time for your favorite programs. Up to 800 hours recording time.  Purchase the HDR-1003S with a pre-installed genuine 1TB hard drive as supplied from the factory by Humax. The hard drive in this unit is designed for use with high definition audio and video and is a fully working PVR unit out of the box. Part No. SATHDR1003S1TB

On all models you can choose to playback some of your favourite media files from an external USB hard disk drive or catch up on Video On Demand services such as ABC iView, SBS on Demand and Netflix via your broadband internet connection. Other services such as Youtube, Picasa and Wiki@TV are available via the Humax global TV Portal.

If you choose to purchase the HDR-1003S with a hard drive is capable of the following features making it arguably the best full featured PVR set top box available for the VAST satellite platform.

  • With this VAST decoder you can record two channels with chasing and time shifting.
  • You can record two channels and watch something you recorded earlier at the same time.
  • Series recording allows you to program your favourite tv series via a one time setup (broadcast network dependent).
  • Part No : SATHDR1003S  (PVR Ready Model)
  • Part No : SATHDR1003S1TB (Fitted with 1TB HDD)
  • Part No : SATHDR1003S500G (Fitted with 500 GB HDD)
  • One touch record & scheduling via an easy to use electronic program guide
  • High Visibility VFD Display
  • Twin tuner. (no loop through required - single LNB input.)
  • High performance Broadcom chipset
  • Dual USB ports on the front and rear of the box
  • Ethernet connection
  • Manufactured by : Humax