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Warranty and Returns Policy

All purchases made by consumers in Australia are protected by legislated consumer warranties and protections. These protections are additional to that provided by the manufacturer, retailer or supplier and cannot be waived. They provide for certain remedies for products that are faulty or do not meet their intended purpose. Satgear aims always to comply with these laws in setting our policies and procedure for returns, shipping and warranties. For further information on your statutory rights, visit www.australia.gov.au/consumerrights


All equipment sold by Satgear carries a 12 month manufacturer's warranty, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer, starting from the date the equipment was sold or supplied to the customer. Statutory laws may provide for a longer warranty. The customer must contact Satgear by phone or email, prior to sending any equipment to us under this warranty and present an invoice, receipt or some other proof of purchase showing the date of purchase from Satgear. Should some form of proof of purchase not be available, Satgear shall not be liable for any remedy. Satgear will forward a work order to the customer to sign and return with the equipment before any work will be carried out.

Satgear's warranty terms shall be return to base meaning that the equipment shall be returned to Satgear at the customer's expense. Satgear will at it's discretion, repair or replace the equipment at no cost to the customer. Should repair or direct replacement of the equipment not be possible (For example - superseded models, product no longer available etc), Satgear may elect to refund to the customer, the purchase price of the equipment or substitute a product of similar value and operational features. All accessories and documentation must be returned with the faulty equipment before any warranty claim can be accepted or refund processed. This includes but is not limited to all cables (HDMI, Power, USB, satellite cables etc), remote controls, connectors or any other original manufacturer supplied accessories included with the device.

This warranty only covers the equipment for it's intended operation as specified by the manufacturer. It shall cover manufacturer defects or faults that arise in normal operation during the warranty period. Should the equipment be deemed faulty under warranty, Satgear will pay the shipping costs to return the equipment (or it's replacement) from it's offices to the customer.

Should a product that is returned and subsequently deemed by Satgear, it's employees or contractors, or the manufacturer to not be faulty or the fault attributed to user error, or the equipment is damaged, opened, tampered with or used in a way not intended by the manufacturer, this warranty shall be null and void and the customer will be liable for any charges to repair or replace the equipment, and postage or freight costs to return the equipment to the customer. Satgear may charge the customer for any work carried out on the equipment including the time taken to assess the cost of repair should it be deemed by us or the manufacturer that the equipment is not covered by any warranty. This charge will be specified on the work order that will be sent to the customer prior to any warranty return and must be signed by the customer and returned to Satgear with the equipment before any work will be carried out. Satgear currently charges labour costs by the full hour for the first hour and then by fifteen minute intervals for all time thereafter. This labour charge is additional to any applicable call out, travel and other charges that will be notified to the customer. Satgear will not release any equipment back to the customer where a payment is deemed to be due until such payment has been made in full. If full payment is not made within a period of three calender months from the time of notification to the customer of a payment being due, Satgear may at it's discretion dispose of or sell the goods to recoup it's loses.

Additionally, this warranty does not cover any of the following: Any equipment faults caused by (but not exclusively) electrical surges, lightning strikes, acts of god, over exposure to extreme conditions.

Satgear is not a broadcaster and makes no warranty as such. Satgear only supplies equipment capable of receiving satellite programming, in good faith and with a reasonable expectation that a broadcaster will continue to broadcast such programming. Therefore this warranty does not cover any decision by a broadcaster to alter or cease any transmission reducing the usefulness of the equipment or rendering it redundant. Satgear, it's employees or contractors cannot be held responsible for this event/s.

Satgear cannot be held responsible for a device not functioning as intended if the end user's reception system or other equipment is not in a satisfactory operational state or incompatible with the equipment purchased from Satgear. Satgear cannot be held responsible for the purchasers ability or knowledge or lack thereof to install or operate any equipment purchased from Satgear. Should the customer require a call out to their premises or Satgear makes available a technician to investigate a problem with the purchasers equipment, a fee will be payable should the fault be found to be caused by equipment not supplied by Satgear. All fees are charged at an hourly rate which will be notified to the customer before commencing any work on their equipment or dispatching a technician to their premises. Any work required to get the customers reception system or other equipment not supplied by Satgear to an operational standard is to be at the expense of the customer.

Satgear reserves the right to amend these warranty terms and conditions at any time and these will be displayed on our website at www.satgear.com.au

Returns Policy

Refund and Exchange

Satgear does not usually allow refunds for purchases if you have simply changed your mind or had second thoughts on your purchase. We do however want you to be happy with your purchase and Satgear may allow a refund, exchange or store credit at it's discretion provided the goods are returned within 7 days of the date of purchase and are unopened, in original packaging, in brand new condition and where applicable in it's original plastic wrapping. Should the goods show signs of use, wear and tear or have been opened, seals broken or installed, no return is permitted. All refunds will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. The restocking fee does not apply to exchanges or store credits. Store credits are valid for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

All goods that are faulty and covered by a manufacturers or statutory warranty are covered in our warranty policy outlined above.

Any refund or return is at the sole discretion of Satgear.

Satgear will not refund any original freight costs and the goods must be returned to Satgear at the customer's expense. Liability for the goods in transit on return to Satgear are the responsibility of the customer and freight insurance is recommended.

Cancelling Orders

An order placed via our website, phone, email or mail may be cancelled at any time prior to it being shipped. Please call or email us immediately if you wish to cancel your order. Please ensure your email includes the order number and the name on the order. Should your order already be shipped, you may choose to use our Returns Policy outlined above.


Satgear will endeavor to dispatch your goods within 7 days of your order where possible. As some items require assembly and testing or may need to be ordered, this may take longer. We will advise you of any significant delays to us being able to ship your order.

Satgear will ship to anywhere in Australia but generally will not ship to overseas destinations. If goods need to be shipped to an overseas destination please ensure you contact Satgear first to discuss and make appropriate arrangements. Satgear uses Australia Post and other courier companies to deliver goods within Australia. Satgear will package goods in a suitable manner for carriage and to avoid damage to goods freighted. If an item has been damaged in transit en route to it's destination the customer must contact Satgear within 48 hours of receiving the goods to discuss the matter. With the exception of small low value parcels, all deliveries must be signed for. Satgear will never profiteer from freight costs and always endevours to charge a fair price for freight reflecting Satgear's costs to deliver the goods. Large items such as satellite dishes and satellite packages shipped to some areas of Australia and in particular regional Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory are subject to additional freight costs. These costs are additional to those displayed on our website. These additional charges may be calculated at the time or after your order is placed and added to the cost of the goods purchased. Satgear may generate a separate invoice for these additional freight costs and in this case this invoice will need to be paid prior to shipping. Satgear will notify you of these additional charges prior to shipping your order and give you the option to continue with or cancel your order. In the case that your order is cancelled, any funds held or charged will be refunded in full.


Satgear does not generally operate credit accounts for it's customers. As we are predominately a web based business, all purchases must be paid for and funds cleared prior to goods being dispatched to the customer. Notwithstanding the above, should Satgear, at it's discretion extend credit facilities to a customer, ownership of the goods does not pass to the customer or any recipient of the goods until such time as Satgear has received payment in full for the goods. Interest may be charged on overdue accounts to reflect our losses and should this be applicable, the interest rate will be notified on our website www.satgear.com.au Should a customer not operate their account in accordance with the agreed terms or in a manner unsatisfactory to Satgear, Satgear may revoke the credit agreement. All arrears on overdue accounts must be paid prior to any further goods being supplied whether paid for by cash or on account.

Satgear accepts the following forms of payment: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, JCB, Direct Bank Deposit, Cheque and Money Order. Cash is also an acceptable form of payment for any transactions face to face with our representatives however cash on delivery via our courier companies etc cannot be accepted. Surcharges will be charged on trade accounts paid for by credit card. These surcharges will be advised on the invoice supplied to the trade customer. It is current policy not to charge retail customers a surcharge for use of credit cards however Satgear reserves the right to amend this policy at any time and any surcharge will be notified at the point of sale.

Technical Support

Satgear prides itself on personalised service and a high standard of customer service. At Satgear we want your purchase experience to be one that you will enjoy and recommend to your friends and family. With this in mind and that some of the procedures to set up portable and do-it-yourself equipment can seem a little daunting for first time users, we will wherever possible offer assistance via telephone and email to help you get your equipment working. Please see our technical support section for further detail at www.satgear.com.au


Although every effort has been taken to outline procedures and techniques to set up your equipment in a simple but detailed manner, Satgear cannot be responsible for the ability of the end user to carry these out successfully. Many of our do-it-yourself and portable packages assume a level of knowledge on the operation of various tools, adherence to safety procedures and other techniques and procedures. Satgear in good faith offers instructions to assist the customer to align or install his/her own satellite equipment, however this does not absolve the customer from adhering to any building codes or laws, or requiring professional services where the the law requires. The customer agrees that Satgear will not be held responsible for any loss, damage, injury or death that results from a customer attempting to install his/her own equipment or for installing equipment in contravention to any laws that require licenced professionals to carry out this work. Should there be any doubt as to the ability of the customer to align or install any equipment supplied by Satgear to them, they should engage the services of a qualified installer at the customer's expense. Satgear may also refer the customer to a professional installer as a final remedy after reasonably attempting to assist the customer via phone, email or face to face support and these professional services will be at the customers expense.

Copyright and Satellite TV Piracy

It is acknowledged by the customer that some equipment supplied by Satgear is capable of being used in an unauthorised or illegal manner or for the theft or piracy of satellite tv services. Satgear does not and will not ever condone the use of equipment supplied by us for use in this manner. The law provides for very severe criminal and civil penalties for theft of intellectual property and unlawful use of a satellite tv service. It is agreed by the customer that any equipment purchased from Satgear will not be used for unlawful purposes. The customer further agrees that they will indemnify, defend and hold Satgear harmless from any and all claims, damages or liabilities arising out of or resulting from unauthorised use of any satellite television equipment.

Pay TV Subscription Services

Equipment sold by Satgear is often capable of receiving satellite signals used by the various Pay TV networks. This includes both our fixed home and portable satellite systems. Although the use of a Pay TV subscription service supplied set top box and smartcard may allow the reception of this programming legitimately, using Satgear dishes and other equipment may however contravene the terms and conditions of your Pay TV service. Please always check with your Pay TV provider that the use of mobile dishes and other equipment is permitted before buying or using it with Satgear equipment.

VAST Satellite decoders and subscriptions

The VAST network provided on the Optus C1 and D3 satellites is regulated by the Australian Government and designed for use within Australia. Satgear is only able to provide advise on this network for those persons residing and using the system within Australia. To ensure your eligibility for a subscription to VAST please contact VAST via the website www.mysattv.com.au or their associated contact detail available on their website. Satgear will not provide advise or support to persons attempting to use this service outside Australia. Satgear will not provide a refund or any warranty for VAST equipment that is being used for the purpose of receiving the VAST network or attempting to receive the service outside Australia. Satgear does not provide guarantees that after purchasing a VAST system that you will be eligible to subscribe to the VAST network. It is the responsibility of the consumer to check his/her eligibility via the www.mysattv.com.au website. Any returns of equipment in relation to the inability to receive the service is subject to Satgear's returns policy.


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Website Security

Satgear takes the security of your personal information very seriously. This is outlined in our privacy statement. In order for us to secure your information retained on our website and to avoid unauthorised access to your account, Satgear requires customers to use industry standard secure passwords. This password must not contain multiple repeated characters. We recommend you change your password regularly. Should you require further information on the security of your online account or how to setup a secure password please contact us.

Satgear reserves the right to amend it's Terms and Conditions at any time and a copy of these Terms and Conditions will be available on our website www.satgear.com.au

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