Technical Support

Got a question for our technical team?

  1. Check our blog - the Satgear team are continually answering common questions here.  The problems most people encounter are usually pretty common and simple to fix.  We post answers to common questions on a regular basis.  
  2. Email our technicial support team via the contact page 24 / 7.
  3. Call the team on 0410 182 573  Technical support is available between Monday and Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm.

Support Services for Satgear Customers. 

Our Technical Support staff can only assist with problems arising with equipment or components purchased from Satgear. Requests for support for equipment from other suppliers will be politely referred back to that supplier or the manufacturer.

Additionally, our staff can only advise on that part of an overall system that was supplied by Satgear. Any additional components to the total system supplied by another supplier are not the responsibility of Satgear and our staff will refer you to your original supplier or manufacturer.

Satgear may be able to assist with rectification of faults of equipment by other suppliers, however a fee will be charged for our services. Please contact us for further information.