Privacy Notice

Satgear's Privacy Statement

Satgear takes the protection of your personal information very seriously. The following statement explains how we collect, use, share and hold your personal information.

What personal information we collect

Satgear collects personal information from our customers in the course of supplying goods and services to you. This information includes such things as your name, address, gender, contact details, payment information and other relevant information in the course of us doing business with you.

Satgear may not be able to provide you with relevant goods and services if you do not provide us with all or part of the personal information we require.

Our websites may also collect information about visits to our websites for statistical and marketing purposes and to improve our systems. We use cookies or similar technology which can be blocked by you using the settings in your browser, however this may limit the ability to access the website.

How we collect your personal information

Satgear generally collects personal information when you contact us directly via our website or sign up for online account access. We also collect your personal information via email, mail, telephone and other means. We may also collect personal information when you are being referred to us from another business or individual.

We may also collect information about you by the following means:

- Our employees, suppliers, contractors or agents.
- Other third parties including our related companies, credit reporting bodies and credit providers
- Third parties that we may partner with.
- Our customer's authorised representatives
- Other relevant telecommunications and information service providers
- Our equipment and systems.
- Sources of publicly available information.

Why we collect your personal information

Satgear collects and uses your personal information for the purposes of conducting our business of providing goods and services to you and for the purposes of providing customer service and support.


Some examples of why we collect your personal information are:

- To process an order for goods and services.
- Deliveries of goods and services.
- To verify your identity.
- Assess whether the goods and services we provide are available to you or assist with an application for a service.
- Assist with an application or purchase that you had difficulty completing.
- Carry out checks for credit worthiness or fraud.
- Deal with customer service or support enquiries.
- Managing your dealings with us such as billing, account management, collecting overdue payments.
- Research and Development of our goods and services.
- Provide you with information, newsletters and special offers (unless you have asked us not to do so).

How we may share your personal information

Satgear generally tries to avoid sharing your personal information with entities outside of our company. We will never sell or use your personal information for the purposes of proliferating spam or other unlawful acts. We believe in keeping our customers information private and solely for the purposes of conducting our business with you. There is however times where we have to share your information with third parties for example with:

- suppliers, so we can supply goods or services to you.
- technicians in order to resolve faults or provide support to you.
- credit reporting bodies or credit providers if you fail to make payments or settle debts with Satgear, our suppliers or affiliates.
- fraud checking agencies to carry out fraud checks.
- debt collection agencies or other parties that assist with debt recovery.
- communications companies and other providers for the purpose of providing a service to you or research and development of our products and services.
- professional advisers such as our lawyers, accountants and auditors.
- your authorised or contact person that you have agreed to allow us to contact.
- government agencies.
- specific recipients if ordered to by a court.
- law enforcement agencies where we are required by law to enforce criminal or other laws.


Satgear does not in the course of it's business directly provide your personal information to entities located outside Australia. We are a wholly owned and operated Australian business and do not have call centres or facilities located overseas. Satgear does however engage third party suppliers and service providers which may have facilities located overseas. If you have concerns in relation to the privacy of your information please contact us

How we store your personal information

Satgear keeps your personal information on controlled systems, which are secured against unauthorised access. This includes the information you provide to gain access to our website and any information you provide us via email, over the phone and by other means. Our website is secured by passwords that you provide. Satgear always recommends that you use industry standard secure passwords to secure your website access. Credit card and bank details used on the Satgear website, over the phone or by other means will not be retained on any server or computer system operated by Satgear and any written details will only be kept so long as it is required to fulfill our obligations to you, or your obligations to Satgear. Any written details will be destroyed once these obligations are fulfilled. Any online orders will use third party SSL merchant systems and your credit card and banking details will not be retained on these systems without your consent or on any Satgear server. Satgear does not have any direct relationship to these third party systems other then them acting as our payment collection merchants and any privacy issue with these systems should be taken up with this supplier directly. Satgear can provide you with the contact details of these suppliers should you have any concerns.

How to access and amend your personal information

Personal information retained by us on our website can be, accessed, amended or deleted by logging into your account online. We can also amend or delete this information contacting us via email, mail or phone. Any information you provide us via other means can be maintained by contacting us via email, mail or telephone. This is subject to a strict verification process of your identity.

We will not disclose any personal information we hold on you over the telephone for security reasons. Requests to provide you with the information we hold on you can only be directed in writing via email and mail and will be subject to a strict verification process.

Contact Us

If you have any queries or concerns about the information we retain on you, please contact us by phone, email or mail or via our Contact Satgear page.

We at Satgear reserve the right to amend this privacy statement from time to time and it will always be available for your reference on our website.